November 30, 2021

7 important keys for traders part-2

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 best trading tips for binary and forex….

hlw traders…

how are you…?

i hope everyone well today i am going to share 

7 trading keys .this is part-2


This  is not an investment advice.

“Forex and Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your fund.You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

so traders lets start……

⭕️ General point : 01

MFI react faster than RSI. Because  MFI related with traders investment. RSI related with price achievement. More zigzaw more accuracy

⭕️ General point : 02
Don’t think all the things should happened favour for you. Trades must contain success and losses. we must accept that. Refersh your mind, Keep decipline , don’t rush, don’t fed up yourself and don’t fall into gambling.
⭕️ General point : 03
Why demo profitable ?
The reason behind this is
1.Broker’s don’t delay your order.
2.They manipulate your entries for as mush as possible to win.
(Ex: if you go with buy call they do buy at as much as low price,if you go with put,they do as much as high price) 
3.You don’t have any fear about losing.
4.Demo account doesn’t bring tirdness to your mind.
5.Traders have positive thoughts when doing demo.
6.Most of the traders doing gamble in demo.
7.Traders don’t think about blown their demo account earlier
⭕️ General point : 04
Without indicators can we do trading?  Yes✅
Through Price action. Remove all your indicator in the chart. You can visibly seen how market behaviour.
(Do it yourself)
Note down what are thoughts comes to your  mind. Ask question yourself ,why this is happening, why that is happening. At first You don’t get the answer. Because, You are beginner and You aren’t form. Doing it again and again. When doing this , do some art work like
▪️Draw support, 
▪️Resistance line, 
▪️Trend line, 
▪️123 pattern, 
▪️Flag pattern,
▪️012345 breakout,
▪️head and shoulder pattern,
▪️parallel lines,
▪️Elliot wave theory etc…
This will help you to analyze the market without indi’s. Note, abnormal moves may happened because of ECONOMIC NEWS.

⭕️ General point : 05

Don’t addict into attracting indicators. indicators reflects what was happend in the past. it may reflect or may not.  you can assume, what will happend in the future. but you can’t say it will.

⭕️ General point : 06

Time and Timing is more important in binary. 

1. Time_ place your trade only on trend and sideways not volaitility market. when buying trend, place call option, when selling trend place put option. when sideways place reversal

(Tips: place your order at support and resistance level)

2. Timing_ When you placing your trade , you need to focus the following things.

          1. where the price it is?

              ( Ex:  price at support or

               resistance or breakout or middle)


          2. what kind of trend its is ? 

               Up or Down or Volitility 

          3. Did you see any appearience in

               candlestick pattern . if its against

               your analyze don’t take trade. 

          4. You must know How long

               brokers delayed your order.

⭕️ General point : 07
If you don’t find your mistake until than you can’t success everywhere. Particularly, in market , not only loose your success , you should also pay high for that . Every one is having special talent and different skills with them. They must use it for their success. Successful man utilizing that, losers they don’t
So Traders If you follow this 7 tips key.
You will succes in trading.
Si i am post 3rd part as soon as.
If you face any problem put comment here.

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