7 important keys for traders part-3


 7 important keys for traders part-2

hlw traders…

how are you…?

i hope everyone well today i am going to share 

7 trading keys .this is part-3


This  is not an investment advice.

“Forex and Binary options trading carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your fund.You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

⭕️ Key point : 01
If you want to learn market u need to learn until your death. Because, market is unpredictable All the Time. So, try to find out short cuts for your success. Use it loopholes.

⭕️ Key point : 02

Every price should retest their previous support and resistance at least one time ,except divergence. So,divergence don’t need to retest their levels

⭕️ Key point : 03

If you use indicators you must know about indicators functions. Here, you must know about 
1 . What type of action indicator do like repaint or non repaint or lagging, 
2. Is it trend indicator or reversal indicator
        (Trend indicators use only in Trend – Reversal indicators  it Sideway Market – NEWS time or Volatile market no one indicators
          work perfectly)
3. Do you understand their function ( what type of method inputted in the indicator Ex: volume based or timing based or
    theoretical or fundamental or analytical or history or future or any of the above mixed )
4. Check when it works when not 
5. Find, is it suitable for your continence and strategy ( EX: timing, timeframe , MM)
6. Can you adapt yourself for that indicator ( trading style or your strategy). 
7. If all above are perfect, DO you follow that strictly?

                             ⭕️ Key point : 04

How many of you know all attracting indicators selling outside is created by with the core function of your platform indicators. It means all of them developed with the basic indicators like trend, oscillators, volumes, bill Williams

                    ⭕️ General point : 05

There is no Holy Grail indicator in the market. Try to understand that first. so, please stop searching new indicators. there are some good indicators in your platform already and it has explanation about the indicator.

             ⭕️ Key point : 06
If you concentrate the market, you wont loose money. If you concentrate in the money you should loose the market 
( That is nothing but your money )
             ⭕️ Key point : 07
Normally Doji make sense with support and resistance levels and strong uptrend or strong downtrend. 
Otherwise doji is not valid
Hlw Traders If you follow this  7 key for trading.
then you can succes in trading.
So Thanks for read this post.
 as soon as i will post part-4

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